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The Late Paycheck

Even if you think you have your finances under control, emergencies have a way for sneaking up on you. Simple mistakes can cost you big time, like depositing a check after business hours on a holiday weekend or sending in your payroll hours late.

If you work for a small business that uses Intuit’s Quickbooks’ Direct Deposit Payroll it is very important to send in your payroll hours on time. The company you work for has an agreement with Intuit that may require the entire payroll to be submitted 2 days before the paycheck date. Bank holidays may necessitate sending in the Direct Deposit information even sooner. These deadlines are not just date specific either, if the time stamp is later than 4:59pm Pacific time, you might not get paid until the next pay period. Submitting hours late can also incur late fees for your employer if they are an Assisted Payroll Customer. What is the cutoff time for direct deposit when submitting payroll? – Intuit Community

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