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Superbowl TV Options

The Superbowl is right around the corner, with consumers expected to spend close to $60 on snacks, beverages and team merchandise.

If you are considering renting a big TV for the big game, you might want to reconsider. While the lowest going rate for a TV rental is $300, is it really worth the price, just for a TV, just for 1 night? At Rent-a-Center, $300 will get you a 55-inch flat panel TV, delivery, set-up and pickup included. For that price you can also get a 42″ TV with a ★★★★ hotel room attached.

If you choose to buy the TV instead, you could get it on Amazon for under $950. For just over three times the price you get to enjoy the TV everyday, for many years, rather than returning it after a stingy four hours.

If you don’t have $950 available to buy the TV outright, then you are stuck with your existing TV anyway: a $1,500 security deposit is required by Rent-A-Center to rent a TV, with most rental services requiring similar deposits. So if cash is a problem, then renting rather than buying isn’t the solution, you’re better off buying a TV with cash today from a car title loan.