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Prioritize Home Repairs

Our title loan customers frequently need cash for home repairs. As the quantized revision of Murphy’s law states: Everything goes wrong all at once. So how do you prioritize when you need to tackle multiple home repairs? Read this article to help you focus on the most important restorations first. The key to organizing your projects is to fast-track those that will cause the most damage and expense if left unfixed.

  1. Electrical
  2. Basement
  3. Roof
  4. Gutters
  5. Exterior Walls
  6. Old Equipment

1. Electrical system

Problems with your wiring can be very dangerous, with the potential to cause fires and electrocutions. Warning signs of electrical problems include frequently tripped circuit breakers, and lights dimming when using appliances like vacuums and microwaves. Also be on the look out for electrical outlets that are loose, hot, or only allow two-prong plugs.

2. Basement

Structural problems downstairs mean shifting and cracking upstairs — at the very least — so there’s little point in doing other repairs until you’ve fixed the building’s foundation.
Danger signs: Bowed or split beams, rotted posts, piles of sawdust (evidence of wood-boring insects), tiny mud trails (indications of termites), or large cracks in the masonry foundation — especially if the cracks are horizontal, which tends to indicate a bigger problem.

3. Roof

Leaks in your roof can cause all kinds of health and financial problems including rot, insects, electrical shorts and mold. A leaky roof can also prevent you from selling your house. Look for dampness or stains on ceilings or walls; curling, missing, or broken shingles; and green algae growth. Replace missing shingles immediately, and repair small leaks right away.

4. Gutters

The only reason gutters are listed below roof repairs is gutter damage can happen during roof repairs, gutters equally important as the roof. Grab an umbrella and look for clogs and overflow problems while it’s raining.

5. Exterior walls

Paint is more than a cosmetic enhancement, but without a weather-tight seal, water can get into the siding, causing rot and attracting wood-damaging insects. Repaint if you notice peeling, cracking or blistering

6. Aging equipment

Heating and cooling systems are essential to the comfort of your home in the extremes of the seasons. If your system breaks down, get a repair estimate first. If repair costs are more than 33% of the replacement cost, opt for new machinery.