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Do you spend money every day?

Black Friday has been rebranded by some as “Buy Nothing Day” in protest of the consumeristic nature of our culture. Credit cards and debit cards make it so easy to spend money, it is easy to spend money with out even thinking about it. In many money saving articles, a common tip is to reduce this everyday spending, and go a full day with out spending any money. Eliminating spending on things like lunch, coffee, going out to dinner, vending machine purchases, gas, movie rentals, and online coupons.

When money is tight, or you are in urgent need of cash, things like coffee or sodas have to be seen as a special treat rather than essentials. Those dollars may look small when looking at them on a day by day basis, but when you start to add them up over weeks and months a $3 drink turns into $21 over a week, and $90 over a month! You would think twice before adding a $90/month bill to your expenses, but when it’s slowly trickling out of your account on a daily basis you end up spending over $1,000 in one year without even noticing!