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Avoid Medical Billing Mistakes

When a medical emergency strikes you can turn to Fastest Title Loan to get the cash you need. Aside from recovering and having enough money to cover the bills there is another issue you might face, billing errors!

It is estimated that between 50 and 80 percent of bills contain some kind of mistake. With the ease of automatic bill pay nowadays not many people look for errors on their bills and some may not even open their bills at all.

When it comes to medical bills, a single sheet of paper can get pretty complicated, fast. Here are some things to keep an eye out for.

Look for the discount

If you have health coverage, and you’ve met your deductible, your insurance should be footing the bill. If you are getting billed for the full amount, something is probably wrong.

Check the dates of service

When it comes to hospital stays, this is particularly important. Patients are sometimes charged for more days than they actually spent in the hospital.

Watch for duplicate charges

Scan your bill for matching service names or CPT codes on the same bill. You may also get multiple bills for the same service. To avoid confusing second notices don’t wait too long to send in your payments. Make a note on the bill and keep it in your records when you send in payment.

Look-up the CPT code

The CPT code is a five digit code, usually all numbers and sometimes four numbers with a letter on the end. There are codes for every procedure you receive. Codes exist for everything from a routine physical, or flu shots, to an x-ray of the abdomen. Make sure that you received the all the services you have been billed for.

What to do when you find an error

If you are unsure about anything, contact your insurance provider and the Department of Insurance or the agency that regulates health plans in your state. You can also get help from billing advocacy organizations such as the Medical Billing Advocates of America.