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4 Budget Killers

If you are living paycheck to paycheck, the reason may not be that you aren’t making enough money, but could be one or more of these four budget busters.


Cigarettes are bad for your health, blah blah blah. That is going to cost you big bucks when it comes to health insurance now, and on healthcare costs later (or not so much later) on down the line. On top of that cigarettes are just plain expensive, especially in places like New York where they are even more heavily taxed.

Your odds of winning are just so low, you are not only more likely to be stuck by lightning, but MUCH more likely. The best thing you can do is invest that money instead, not only will you have not lost any money, but you will earn interest too! Those are odds that are really in your favor.


Mixed drinks are expensive and beer and wine are not much cheaper. Opt for something with free-refills instead.

Dining Out

Eating at restaurants can easily cost five times as much as dining at home. If you “can’t cook,” a cooking class would pay for itself if you can limit yourself to eating at home and packing lunches for all meals but once or twice per month.

Bonus: Caffeine

Similar to alcohol and cigarettes, caffeine has addictive properties. Whether your poison is coffee, energy drinks or soda, your dependence on caffeine may be keeping you energized, but it is draining your wallet.

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